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Packaging Supplies Play a Role in What Customers Buy

Packaging supplies for products consumers are to buy dates back to 1035 when a Persian traveler going to Cairo reported seeing fruits, vegetables, foods, and other goods wrapped in colorful papers to sell to consumers. Since then, packaging has undergone many different evolutions and today it’s an industry that helps dictate what products customers will purchase in an ever-evolving sea of products. Today, the packaging is cited as one of the essential things to look at when selling an item.
The difference is made in first impressions where the customer has their eye drawn to that product over the others just like it surrounding it on a shelf in increasingly larger and more crowded stores. There are a lot of visual elements packaging supplies will add to a product, and they will play a role in the customer noticing that product and choosing it over another. A few of the most ingenious campaigns ever run are those are discussed below:
1. Antismoke Campaign: a company once ran an anti-smok…