Friday, 23 June 2017

Packaging Supplies Play a Role in What Customers Buy

Packaging supplies for products consumers are to buy dates back to 1035 when a Persian traveler going to Cairo reported seeing fruits, vegetables, foods, and other goods wrapped in colorful papers to sell to consumers. Since then, packaging has undergone many different evolutions and today it’s an industry that helps dictate what products customers will purchase in an ever-evolving sea of products. Today, the packaging is cited as one of the essential things to look at when selling an item.

The difference is made in first impressions where the customer has their eye drawn to that product over the others just like it surrounding it on a shelf in increasingly larger and more crowded stores. There are a lot of visual elements packaging supplies will add to a product, and they will play a role in the customer noticing that product and choosing it over another. A few of the most ingenious campaigns ever run are those are discussed below:

1. Antismoke Campaign: a company once ran an anti-smoke campaign by warning customers what their product could do to them. They packaged their cigarettes in a casket-like packaging instead of the traditional square point. You may end up here earlier when using this product. Point made!

2. Anti-Theft Lunchbox: This lunchbox had a zipper that leeched green dyes onto the packaging and food to make your lunch look moldy. Never have a coworker willing to eat your lunch again!

3. Wanted Snacks: Used “food villains” to depict the snack trying to be sold to tell you “You know you want them, so buy them!” to the consumer!

4. Dino-Gum: The teeth of the dinosaur are pieces of gum, and he looks like he is missing teeth every time you take a piece of gum out! Extract his teeth while chewing the gum!

5. Babee’s Honey: A jar of honey with stripes designed to look like the bumble bee the product came from! Adorable!

6. NYC Spaghetti: The spaghetti came out of the box in layers to look like a NYC skyscraper. Never struggle to get just the right amount of pasta out of the box ic you don’t need it all at once again! Such a cute idea! This sold very fast.

7. I’m Not a Battery: Salt and pepper shakers for the table that were designed to look like batteries. “Recharge the taste of your meal” literally!

8. AMPRO Bottle: Bottles of wine designed with a glass built into the wine bottle. Drink your wine anywhere, and don’t even worry about needing a glass. Talk about “ultimate convenience” taken literally.

9. Norsk OI: Showed the beer cans depicted as little gnomes put into a “barn” carrier instead of a traditionally-shaped box. Brilliant idea and is sold brilliantly as well!

The point is that you can sell any product of well with the right packaging. Sometimes that means taking the packing game literally and shaping the product to look like what it is or coming up with a great marketing plan it can help sell the product that you are trying to get consumers to buy. That will not change in the future. So, be ingenious, come up with a design, and watch it sell away! Make your product the most attractive. Make it should “THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY ME!” 

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