Saturday, 20 October 2018

Efficiency Through Better Packaging

How you package your products impacts your business bottom line. Truth be told, sometimes consumers show reluctance in buying an item they are interested in just because its outer package isn't attractive enough. And what about the products that arrive by mail? The same truth holds good there. Better package leads to higher satisfaction with the product and higher chance that people will make purchase from that business again. Additionally, what business doesn't want to cut cost, increase profit and reduce labor cost all at once?

1. Going Green
How to achieve that efficiency with packaging, you may ask. After all, it is the last task in a product manufacturing process, and what is inside matters more, right? Wrong! A good packaging adds value to the product you are selling. Good packaging may come in many shapes and forms, the most popular being green packaging. No more PVC films, corrugated materials and broken glasses. Today's technology has led to the use of new Polyolefin materials that are flexible and inexpensive at the same time. Besides, they can be cut, dyed, printed and designed in various ways. Best of all though, they are environment friendly. So, new environment enthusiasts in the packaging field can take a note of this.

2. Thinking Way Ahead
One of the most common mistakes in a failing business is to procrastinate packaging decisions. It is always better for the company revenue if this decision is made as early as possible along with other important tasks. Why? Because delaying this decision means more expensive and clunky designs, waste of time and money. In essence, packaging should always be a topic to discuss in every business meeting held - be it in the start or somewhere in between. So, where to begin? Make an itemized list of your design requirements. Consider the size of the product, cost of packaging, space constraints, labeling and everything else related to this process.

3. Maintaining Packaging Machinery
This tip cannot be emphasized enough. Just like a car needs regular tune-ups, packaging machinery needs regular upgrades and maintenance in order to achieve required efficiency. So, do not hesitate in any way to make that call for a serious upgrade. Most of all, do not delay to maintain them as needed. With packaging machinery running smoothly, you will see reduced overhead cost, expenses close to or less than your budget and overall improvement in production.

4. Reducing Labels
Now that you have looked at a few tips to create efficiency in packaging products, it is time to focus on labels. Stick-on labels, printed labels and design labels can cost a lot if you are ordering from outside. So, why not use the default one that comes with shipping? This move can not only reduce unnecessary cost but prevent redundancy. Also, printing labels directly on the packaging supplies can cut an extra step out of the packaging process.

5. Gathering Information
If you are not keeping track of price for every material involved in packaging, such as cardstocks, labels, tape and polyolefin, you are doing no favor to your revenue growth. Because these prices can fluctuate almost every month, make sure that materials are affordable, and you have back up suppliers handy. Another way to cut cost is to buy in bulk whenever possible and beat the inflation.

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